Why I’m (Cautiously, Optimistically) Sold on Apple Vision Pro

How Apple’s new “spatial computing” headset may change the world

David Hundley


Apple’s new Apple Vision Pro (Source: Apple)

Earlier this week on Monday, June 5, Apple unveiled their first entry into the AR/VR space with a mixed reality headset called the Apple Vision Pro. While rumored to have been in the works for a while, I honestly considered it to be vaporware it seemed like years continued to pass with no progress made on the headset. It was to my great surprise that we finally got our first glimpse after an always smile-inducing “One more thing…” announcement.

As I watched the keynote progress, I honestly didn’t know what to think. Keep in mind that I do own a Meta Quest 2, so my mind kept drawing comparisons back to that device. With all respect to that headset, I was originally enamored with using it almost daily after first getting it, but it has admittedly gathered dust the last few months as I realized that the Meta Quest 2’s experience simply wasn’t for me.

Still, there were a number of really cool things shown in the Apple Vision Pro’s keynote, and sentiments shared by YouTubers who got to experience firsthand also built momentum in my interest. Okay, okay… I have to admit, I am definitely biased toward Apple, and this bias is clearly making me want to look for the positives with this device.

But as I re-considered what the Apple Vision Pro might have to offer in this new “spatial computing” domain, I began to think about “spatial computing” in general. Is Apple really onto something here? Can this really be the next big revolution in digital usage?

Screens, Screens, and More Screens

My home office! Pic was taken at Christmas time, hence the colors!

The picture above is my home office. Actually, you’re just seeing half of my office here. Behind the camera here is another 55" 4K television mounted to the wall. The room is not very big, so between desks and wall mounts and more, I’d wager to guess that all of that takes up roughly a third of the room’s square footage.

Being the techno-holic that I am, we have TVs in pretty much every room of the…



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