Five Tips to Help Grow Your Confidence

Tips on how a self-proclaimed introvert became a more confident extrovert

David Hundley
5 min readAug 31, 2022
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Hello there all! If you’ve met me in person particularly in a business context, you might have an opinion that I’m an outgoing, confident person. The truth is actually sort of the opposite. I would definitely consider myself an introvert, and outside of work, you’ll most likely find me doing something by myself. I grew up a very shy kid, which sort of made me an easy target for light bullying all the way from grade school to undergrad. Even to this day, there are a handful personal social interactions that cause me to freeze up.

But what I recently learned is that confidence can be a learned skill! By adopting what I’ve shared below, I’ve been able to maintain a relatively confident persona. Trust me, it’s something I always have to work at since it doesn’t come naturally, but it’s been very effective in helping me have successful personal and business relationships.

Let’s keep this intro brief and jump directly into the tips!

1. Become more knowledgeable in a specific domain.

This first tip is more so useful in a business context. A big reason that people tend to exhibit an underwhelming confidence in the business world is…



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