Five Thoughts After Completing Five AWS Certifications

1. You can really accelerate in this space through learning inertia.

2. Practice exams are the best resource for logic building.

  • Tutorials Dojo on Udemy (w/ Jon Bonso)
  • Sundog Education on Udemy (w/ Frank Kane)
  • A Cloud Guru’s official exam simulator
  • WhizLabs (this last one honestly isn’t the best, but they do an okay job and are the only ones I know with a Big Data Specialty suite of exams)

3. Even if you are experienced, take the exams per AWS’s suggested order.

4. There is no better teacher than direct experience.

5. Honestly… all these certifications are kind of overrated.



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David Hundley

David Hundley

Principal machine learning engineer at a Fortune 50 company, 5x AWS certified, 2x HashiCorp certified, 1x GCP certified, M.A. in Org Leadership, PMP, ChFC, CSM