Insights from a person using both an M1 and Intel Mac daily

Movie Rating Model

Starting the process of creating a movie rating predictive model by gathering the data we need

Going to production? Harden your API with these free resources!

Helping you create an excellent, brief resume for your next data science job

Apple, make my dreams come true!

My perspective having pivoted from a non-technical, business-oriented role just 18 months ago

Terraform + SageMaker

Creating your own custom tailored SageMaker notebook instance using Terraform

Featuring musings about cooking ground beef, opinions about Professor Severus Snape, and the nature of reality

Terraform + SageMaker

Helping you to get started with creating resources on AWS SageMaker using Terraform (Now with Terraform Cloud!)

David Hundley

Machine learning engineer at a Fortune 50 company, 5x AWS certified, 2x HashiCorp certified, 1x GCP certified, M.A. in Organizational Leadership, PMP, CSM

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